Irish Christmas Reward Stickers


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Introducing our enchanting Irish Christmas Reward Stickers, a perfect way to infuse the magic of the holiday season into your classroom or home celebrations.

Versatile Rewards: Use these stickers to celebrate a wide range of accomplishments and good deeds throughout the holiday season. Whether it’s completing a special Christmas craft, showing kindness to others, or achieving academic goals, these stickers make for a heartwarming and memorable reward.

Positive Holiday Spirit: These stickers aren’t just rewards; they represent the joy, generosity, and warmth that define an Irish Christmas. They inspire feelings of togetherness and the magic of the season while motivating children to continue their positive behaviour.

Easy Application: Our stickers are designed for ease of use, with a simple peel-and-stick application. They can be placed on cards, gifts, holiday-themed projects, or even on the family Christmas tree to create a unique and meaningful decoration.

Perfect for Teachers and Parents: Whether you’re a teacher looking to bring Irish flair to your classroom or a parent seeking to celebrate the season at home, our Irish Christmas Reward Stickers are the ideal choice for instilling the spirit of the season in a fun and educational way.

Our Irish Christmas Reward Stickers feature charming designs including Santa, Christmas Tree, Christmas Penguin and a Reindeer and Irish Praise Phrases (Iontach, Is Réalt Thú, Ar Fheabhas, Maith Thú, Sár-Obair)

100 x 30mm Stickers


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