Go Green and Save More Than The Planet!

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We’ve gone green for the month of November, and we think you should too!

Before the chaos of Christmas sets in, we’re stressing the importance of thinking green. December will see more waste than any other month in the year with packaging, food and energy being hit the hardest.

With presents and home decorations comes bags and boxes. With Christmas nibbles and family dinners comes food wastage and foil containers. More nights out means more vehicles on the road. An increase in the use of electrical applicances means demand for power is greater. Of course, it is a magical time for many and time spent with family and friends is priceless. After a busy year, it is a well-earned break and opportunity to relax before New Year resolutions start.

It is important, however, to remember our duty and responsibility to take care of our planet for future generations to come.  Taking some time in November to conserve energy, encourage recycling and limit waste, allows us to achieve some balance in the contribution we make to our environment.

To help you with sharing this important message with your pupils, we are selling ALL our eco products at discounted prices for the month of November.


We are giving FREE teaching resources with each purchase made.


Resources will be emailed to the address given for your order.

We are sharing resources from the experts (Greenpeace and Oceana to name a few) on our social media pages which we think will be of some use in the classroom.



 Have any “go-to” lessons for teaching climate change, global warming and environmental awareness?

If you can’t get involved this year, we encourage you to still keep an eye on our social media pages and site for upcoming sale items! Our Ch******s orders have started arriving so watch this space for new prizes and resources!



Follow our Snaps and Reap Some Rewards!

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As you may know already, we are very active on many social media platforms.


Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages are updated daily and we are very lucky to get  a lot of positive feedback from our followers.

We have run giveaways on each site and experienced amazing engagement with each one. Our last Facebook competition reached over 100,00 people!

This week (September 26th-30th) we are focusing on our Snapchat account and us, the people behind Mol an Óige. We are two Primary Teachers who work full-time and run our business usually with a small person in tow, piggy-backing for the fun. 

We will take you through our day, which starts early and finishes late, and we’re going to make it worth your while. At the end of each day, we will give a discount code exclusively to Snapchat followers. That discount code will be valid for the following 24 hours. For example, we will give you a discount code on Monday night which will be valid for Tuesday only. Another code will be given Tuesday night which will be valid for Wednesday. We are going to give our biggest discounts yet with the minimum being 20% off your order!

Sound interesting!? Add us on Snapchat now: “molanoige” 

See you bright and early Monday morning!

Back to School Packs are here!

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With just two weeks to go until we embark on the return to school, it is the perfect time to start selling our Back to School Packs. Last year, we sent our packs to thousands of schools around the country to help teachers get set for September.

Why were they our bestselling product for 2015-2016?  The answer is simple: Amazing products at incredible value.

We got a lot of positive feedback from teachers and principals, who were just delighted to get teaching resources and pupil prizes with just one purchase. We also got some queries about featuring other products in the pack. We have taken all the feedback and queries on board when creating this year’s pack, some products feature again with some new products being added to the pack. 

The RRP for this year’s pack is €35.15, the total cost of buying all the products individually, but we are putting them together for you for just €20

Packs will go on sale at 9am on Monday 15th August, get yours and then get back to relaxing on one of our last FREE MONDAYS!

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