Fun Christmas Reward Stickers


Set of 100 stickers with fun sayings to reward your pupils during Christmas Season.

Make learning an unforgettable adventure with our Cute Christmas Reward Stickers. Watch as your students light up with pride and enthusiasm as they collect and display these charming tokens of your appreciation. Show your students that their hard work and dedication truly matter with stickers that brighten their day and fuel their love for learning.

Transform your classroom into a place of positivity, motivation, and endless smiles. Your students will thank you, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a more engaged and eager-to-learn classroom environment.

Colourful stickers with bright Christmas pictures saying:


Very cool work!

You’re LIT!


Jolly Good!

Sweet Work!

TREE-mendous effort!

Smart cookie!


We guarantee these stickers will be a hit in your classroom!


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