Special Days, Events and Celebrations in September!

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With teaching our core subjects, SESE, Arts subjects, SPHE and an ethical/religious curriculum as well as establishing routines, setting up a behaviour management system, collecting and recording money AND filling in the roll book for the first time (I envy those who don’t have to do that anymore), September is just chaotic.However, I always think it’s nice to highlight certain days and events with your new class because it’s a celebration of something, you can create a nice display for your probably-bare walls and it gets the kids talking at home. If you’re looking to mark a certain day and integrate it with your other subjects (the magic word “integration”) then we have identified some important dates for your diary this September. 

8th September- International Literacy Day


This is the 50th year of the annual celebration. A great excuse to talk about books read over the summer, complete a book report, chat about summer holidays, learn a poem or read a picture book together. Older classes could dig a little deeper and look at the facts and statistics about literacy rates around the world.

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13th September- Roald Dahl Day


On September 13th 2016, Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday will be celebrated. Although Roald Dahl Day is marked each year with events all around the world, this is sure to be the biggest celebration to date. There is no limit to the lessons you can cover that day or week. With a junior class, I have held a costume party on the day, read “Revolting Rhymes”, watched the infamous chocolate cake scene from “Matilda” followed by a discussion on school’s treatment of pupils and organised a science lesson on the changing state of chocolate.

19th September- Talk Like a Pirate Day


A personal favourite of mine and one I have celebrated many times! It is at it says on the tin. With some preparation, pupils can get so much out of this day as well as have an absolute blast. Activities could include a fancy dress day, “Find your Pirate Name”, learn about parrots and monkeys, look at some language pirates have given us and a drama about being shipwrecked and assuming of roles! If you have some structure in place in your classroom by the 19th, then you really should give it a go.

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22nd September-World Car Free Day


Start off the year the right way and link this event to your Green School action plan. This date is chosen to encourage motorists to leave the car at home and use an alternative method of transport. It would not need much organisation or monitoring; simply encourage the kids to walk/scoot/cycle/bus or carpool to school and chat about the effects of making such an effort.

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